Investing on appropriate healthcare equipment is a way to alleviate the patients’ pain and to assure that they are in the safest place to be treated.

Healthcare workers are extremely restless to save patients round the clock, so as the worn-out hospital equipment – like the hospital beds, which are needed to be replaced immediately to perform at its best in helping patients to have a safe and speedy recovery after undergoing certain procedures caused by ailments that has put their life at rick once.

Replacing a new hospital bed is simply an easy task, but without proper knowledge or by simply not knowing the right purpose, it can be a burden to the end users. Worst case, it might contribute some complications to their condition. Always take into consideration to have a medical bed that will serve convenience and comfort while these survivors take time to be well over the lengthy admission period.

Now, let’s dig in to know the ideal medical beds for your hospital care:

A healthy support and stability

There are several hospital beds available in the market which vary in shape, size and mechanism, however, the most important consideration that must be magnified is the support and firmness it offers.

Medical beds have staple dimensions in length and width by 220cm and 97cm, respectively. But with the diverse body shape of patients, manufacturers have addressed it by having customizations based on client preference and designing beds that can fit the tall ones and those labelled for a bariatic.

Bariatic hospital beds are proven to be durable with the sturdy frames in upholding the tantamount body mass of the patient which ensures the comfort.

Manual vs. Electric

The manual hospital beds are tagged as demanding due to the hand cranks which need to be adjusted physically to attend a comfortable state for the patient. This is usually used on the psychiatric wards as it displays a plain design and mechanism that lessens the hazardous errands which may take place.

Meanwhile, hospital premises have welcomed the advance technology of hospitality with the semi-electric and fully electric versions!

Semi-electric medical beds are a combination of manual and modern mechanisms. This feature lessens the demand of physical labor compared to the manual ones because certain adjustments can be achieved with powered buttons to recline the head and foot boards, except the height of the whole hospital bed which must be done by hand effort.

On the other hand, the fully electric medical beds do not require a full effort as everything can be modified with jus a remote control. These power dependent beds are highly suggested to those patients that must be taken care closely like in those intensive care units (ICU), to really apprehend the hospital’s comfort and convenience.

A check on additional feature and accessories

Today, hospital beds have embraced the idea of efficiency with the bult-in feature of adjustable side rails to make safe for the patient from falling out or an easy window access to move him to another bed and wheels that are very smooth running.

Another feature is the built-in storage for oxygen tanks and strands for IV fluids, an ideal way to save space in the hospital rooms and achieve a recovery environment that is relaxing and zero stressors which are most essential for the betterment of condition. There ergonomic attributes are a way to prevent the disruption of procedures and protocols during unfortunate circumstances since medical workers are always on the run in fulfilling their sworn duties.

A friendly reminder: All hospital beds serve the purpose of support and comfort for the user’s health and well-being. For them to have a good quality of recovery, you must provide a safe bed that will address comfortability in the discomfort that they have gone through.