We offer to provide well structured, credible, and most of all globally competitive contemporary pieces on a locally attainable budget. With vast collection of timeless pieces, ROCCO Furnishing International highlights bespoke or made to order office furniture in a very sensible price range, fit for the urban dweller’s needs.

It is our primary responsibility to provide pragmatic solutions on different living and working spaces without compromising aesthetics. We are a company that builds the trust of the clients through long term relationships by keeping their needs the forefront of our business. A company that is considerate on the client’s financial priorities, we promise to work with a given budget to make their dream office spaces a reality.


Our goal has always been to help our customers find the right contemporary office furniture that is relevant, affordable and adaptable, without sacrificing the functionality and comfort that the urban – dweller deserves.


To be an inviolable customer-centric contemporary furniture brand and the leading practical choice for the young urban market.


Providing Global competency in office furniture design and service on an attainable pricerange.


We committed to providing good quality products and services. Producing efficient and functional products for the office environment at affordable cost.

The company is now supplying and serving a wide range of office furniture systems and implemetation to different field and size of organization throughout the Philippines.


Thru collaborative effort and by embracing feedback from our clients, we have build a wide range of products in office furniture environment, offering to different size of organisation and industry.