Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Indeed, it’s the time again wherein people try their best to unleash great charms to attract luck and extinguish the negativity for the whole year-round. And one of the practices that cannot be missed is observing a good Feng Shui.

Most people think that feng shui is about having the good gold charms, activations of luck directions, sage, and alignment – basically, it’s not because feng shui is all about bringing order and peace in one place through the harmonization of the five elements, namely: fire, metal, wood, earth, and water, which can attract prosperity and success.

Here are some ways to observe proper feng shui in the office workspace:

Fire element

A fire element symbolizes the passion and energy towards a certain goal that could transform one entity into much greater success and one of these is the power position. This is a practice of situating office tables with a rear vision on doors or windows as it believes to properly welcome the luck into the abode. Hence, favorable outcomes in the business can likely happen.  

Another activation method in this element is by reformatting the office layout into an open space. This is to allow the energy to move freely in the aisle and corners of the office rather than forcing it on a squeaky office space which may cause harm. Also, for an added vitality, it is important to embrace natural lighting that can be further perpetuated by the use of mirrors or glass partitions to equally distribute the light in the area.

Metal element

On the other hand, the metal element helps in the reformation of norms and processes. And like its sturdy look, offices must be able to apprehend filing storages that can change their work paper errands in a much efficient manner because a chaotic paperwork system or cluttered workplace alarms a bad feng shui! 

Today, filing cabinets got really improved to cater to all sorts of documents and mobility too! We’ve got their mobile pedestals, lateral and vertical office cabinets for massive file storage, and mobile compactors. This mobile compactor is a heavy-duty storage filing system that can go manual and fully automatic. Its high-grade figure is designed to carry also cultural arts and relics, large tools and gears, medical equipment, and such to prevent its contamination, quality, and an accessible way of inventories.

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Wood element

The wood element is commonly associated with the ideals of growth and flexibility for its characteristic offers well so. Incorporating a biophilic office interior design is highly recommended in office feng shui because it promotes good air circulation in the workplace through green lushes to lessen toxicity. This results in a more synergized mood and productivity while still feeling connected to nature despite busy tasks and dues.

Apart from that, putting some wood accents would be beneficial in a firm just like in the analytical hub – the meeting rooms. Choosing a wood table finish on a conference table can be of great advantage, especially when it’s a rounded or oval-shaped table which encourages luck for wealth.

Earth element

An earth element would often symbolize stability which makes it useful to balance perfectly the remaining four elements to not disrupt each of its works. One way to set this up is by having reading nooks, hanging art pieces, or placing company achievements on cabinets to make the employees feel inspired and be united with the common goal.

Even more, instilling these allows them to be more creative and create a drive for grit in the duties they do. This would go the same way with the presence of earthy tones like brown, yellow, green, and alike which make a big difference in composing calmly their tasks to success.

Water element

For the last element, water, coins to be nourishing and calming that continuously invites positive energy to the working force. To further more reinforce the positivity is through dedicating a space for break rooms or office lounges that will help workers temporarily relax from all workloads or maybe with an investment of a good office chair.

An ideal office chair would have to provide comfort to the users which does not end with having cushy seating. This would have to entail good support on its back and height adjustability that will refrain the spine and lower limbs from having strains – a bad feng shui for health. In this way, employees get to work comfortably spontaneously just like the water flows.

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