As cliché, as it may sound yet one of the constant things that take place in the environment, is a change that goes to the business ideals too. The rusting office furniture and antiquated interior designs, most often forgotten to lay some attention, made workers slowly grow the loss of interest in their jobs or such a time that the old furnishes will bring serious inconveniences in the office workspace. These and a lot more can force employees to leave and seek a better working environment that values their overall well-being.

It is most essential for a workplace to provide an atmosphere that can enrich their employee morale and can contribute a great improvement on productivity schemes while pressure takes a stand on the game. Here are some of the frequently overlooked office areas that need up-to-date refurbishments:

Poor acoustics

Sound transmission is one of the most unrecognized problems upon office renovation, perhaps owners are convinced that the thick dry walls can contain confidentiality when in reality it does not. Poor noise insulation depletes employee performance by two-thirds of their knowledge-based tasks, at the same time, it becomes harder for them to have a nailing concentration in accomplishing assignments.

Furthermore, an under-quality soundproofing system can put health at higher risk that creates an irregular heart rate or breathing patterns and a tolling noise stress. These foreseen factors can be prevented with the use of operable wall partitions that are lightweight to swivel and blend professionally to any nature of event. The movable walling system is equipped with fibers and sealing features to seclude reverberations in place, therefore, makes an ideal use for board rooms.

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The absence of natural lighting

Aside from the bad office lighting, traditional offices have become literally dull and dark to a certain extent that the workspace has totally shunned the entry of sunlight with solid walls and the dusty old windows blocked by filing cabinets. This practice has isolated the employees’ connection from the outside and has caused them to develop such mood swings.

Consider the mental well-being of employees by letting them breathe from tons of workload through the looking glass. This promotes a healthy cognitive state, delimits weariness and fluctuation on performance output. The natural lighting can be maximized in an office space with the installation of glass partitions as it distributes an equal shade of brightness to the once grey office space.

These mirrored dividers are also versatile in giving an illusion of wide area – beneficial for small offices – and urges employees to be held accountable of every document and other personal items as seen in the crystal-like structure, and easy for cleaning maintenance.

Lack of space

Today, there are a number of ways to increase the spatial size of the office but before anything else better know the actual floor area of the workspace. Once done, go and choose a floor plan. Basically, it will depend on the industry’s workflow environment yet will leave two options which are:

  • Open plan: The open layout can save space because it would not demand a number of partition systems. This is ideal for an immense collaboration among employees while eliminating the need to transfer from an office to another.

  • Close plan: Meanwhile, the close plan creates a highly efficient work output as the workspace provides privacy in formulating a deep level of focus.

Identifying the right floor plan would help in deciding the appropriate ergonomic office furniture during the fit-out process. This wise maximization can also lead to a profitable result for having an extra room for storage or other functional facilities that may include a more accessible comfort room, a pantry, or an office lounge to give workers a balanced working lifestyle.

Obsolete office interior designs

Another least priority during the interior fit-out is the contribution of office visuals for seldom know that these interior designs play a big role in solidifying the grounds of the company. It serves as a quick preview of the company’s values and heritage. Moreover, the great excerpts from it cultivate an exceptional connection among employees and clientele.

This attribute allows them to have a sense of belongingness which improves the business gains in the long run. Desired results would include a higher satisfactory rate, positive ambiance, drawing of new talents or customers, and a lot more.

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Structural defects

Structural defects are unavoidable as materials overdue too, most apparent to the old infrastructures. Before commencing the renovation, it is likely to assess and to seek approval of the residing building consultant to see if the condition of walls is still in good shape to put on other office fixtures.

Non-compliance on this matter can result in serious damages or accidents in the office workspace and, for some, would force the building owner to terminate the lessee’s contract. At Rocco Furnishing International, we conduct site inspections to check the status of the eyed renovation area and do recommendations that are most beneficial in the technical requirements without sacrificing the stability and other safety measures.