Mobile Compactor


The mobile compactors are engineered to be compact and accessible which hos become a hit in the expanding business industry. This storage solution can maximize the storage space by 100% versus the conventional filing cabinets. Also, it can hold a full load of high-profile business contracts for long-term archiving, office materials tools, medical equipment and othar goors. which need a safo inventory. The high density mobile shelving system offers two types of mechanism that can withstand such calamities or state emergencies – the manual mobile compactor and the smart mobile compactor.


The intelligent sholving eystem is designed with international advanced concepts which allows to store a variety of Information via computer management, other than the various books, documents and alike. The automatic search query is very time officient for tracking the exact location of file data right in an instant.

Other features:

Can store weight bearing 80-kg per shelf
Low noise and collision-free operation
File classification flashed in LCD touchscreen
Voice command
Body sensor
Automatic shutdown and ventilation
Offline operation
Fully customizable upon client requirement


The manual mobile compactors are made in high-grade steel frames to contain up to 80-kg per shelf of files and materials which can be accessed through the lightweight steer wheel. Each framing structure is coated with phosphate powder that prolongs the protective performance and adhesion during strong collisions.

Other features:

Broking device
Magnetic suction rubber sealing
Theft system
Fireproofed finish
Dustproof plate
Fully customizable upon client requirement