There is no doubt that digital or cloud storage has changed the game of filing systems in various offices. The convenience it has brought to every workspace is truly remarkable to keep up on the demands of clients and employee productivity. However, an office workstation will never be complete without the presence of the traditional filing system – the office cabinets.

These office cabinets have been the best storage solution partner in every company before the emergence of technology. It is considered the most preferred filing system to store physical documents or high-profile business contracts.

In that given statement, why dump office cabinets to your office culture when you can upgrade to a high-quality office cabinet that can add up to your work convenience?

Why do you need an office cabinet?

Because it’s easy to use! These filing cabinets provide quick access to getting such documents in a work environment that demands to have those details on hand in a snap. At the same time, storing these confidential files in steel cases lessens the probability of internet hacking or the system bugs that can be found through the cloud filing system.

The advancement of office cabinets

It’s not just the electronic storage that adapted to the idea of convenience because office cabinets have stepped up their features to cater to the office needs.

Today, modern office furniture providers have incorporated a high-security locking system on their file cabinets. They offer key locking, electronic keypad system, down to the state-of-the-art locking mechanisms like the compactors.


Compactors feature a heavy-duty locking mechanism and mobility. This high-quality cache enables the prevention of stealing interests among office files in various confidentiality and large equipment that needs proper storage to avoid the growth of mildews.

Your functional office furniture

Wooden cabinets are a lesson learned too many and now, office cabinets have been up for a change in their versatile image which is class in nature, but very reliable in storage. These days, office cabinets are made up of high-grade materials like hard-rock steel or fireproof filing cabinets yet still designed for a generous accommodation in dimension.

Adding up to the versatility is the different types of office cabinets according to storage preference:

1.       Lateral steel cabinets

Lateral steel cabinets are wide and shallow in design making it convenient to arrange files while seated. It is also recommendable to offices that are low in the ceiling.

2.       Vertical steel cabinets

Vertical steel cabinets are the exact opposite feature of lateral cabinets. It is designed tall while compartments are narrow and deep for storage. This is quite ideal for workspaces that can not accommodate large filing cabinets due to insufficient floor area.

3.       Mobile pedestal

Mobile pedestal cabinets are designed with wheels making it easy to transfer from one place to another. This user-friendly filing cabinet has the same feature as the vertical cabinets, but compact in size which can be placed just under the office desk among rank and file employees.

4.       Sliding cabinet

The sliding cabinet may vary in size and style, but these filing cabinets can be a common use for aesthetic figures in the offices like placing plaques on top or through inside the mirrored opening while storing documents on a solid door just under.

5.       Credenza table

The flexibility feature of the office table with cabinets really dictates authority inside the workplace with its sleek look. It also functions as a space saver for the built it design on office desks, but for a high-security feature it can be customized for a vault cabinet to secure valuable possessions and documents.