Office furniture have continued thriving to innovate the needs of workers and businesses to contract such tolls of profit loss. Another furniture piece that takes the spot today are the adjustable height desks. This kind of office table is way more conventional than the traditional office desk as it gives liberty for the end users to adjust according to comfort while being in the midst of mean deadlines.

The adjustable height tables are very reliable in a business because it offers employees to improve their work ethics while giving importance to holistic well-being. For the longest time, the use of the traditional office tables has surfaced illnesses that distress the workflow efficiency of an organization. However, the ergonomically-configured sit-stand desks have instilled a great performance among staff and in the business, per se.

Here are the reasons on why adjustable height desks are a wise office furniture investment:

Increased work productivity

Adjustable height desk helps in improving mental alertness by 20%. This is because the blood circulation flows evenly from head to toe which cannot be adhered to sitting in an office chair alone. With the adjustable feature, office staff are able to make quality decisions on projects and other tasks. It paves way to a much efficient workflow environment in an office workplace.

Hence, it becomes one of the great options for standing meetings as it makes employees more attentive, dynamic and goal-driven with the agenda. At the same time, adopting this meeting setup tends to be very shorter than usual meeting hours yet very chunky and makes more time for quality outputs. This setup is usually recommended to an open office layout or a small office layout.

Insured health benefits

Gladly to say that apart from the health insurances offered to the workers, the adjustable height desks have guaranteed benefits on health risks to everyone in the office. Here are the three of the innumerable advantages to enjoy:

Reduced stress levels

Sitting for lengthy hours is really stress-busting! It grows a feeling of fatigue and stagnantness during work which unable employees to leash out their creativity and strategic thinking. Through the sit-stand desks, they are able to calm down the stress and prevail good mood and energy which amplifies productivity in creating visions and plans anew to meet the multiple business requirements.

Prevents chronic illnesses

Chronic illnesses include heart diseases, diabetes and alike. Most researches show that a sedentary lifestyle or a work that demands longer sitting hours are 90% vulnerable to adopt cardiovascular diseases due to lack of physical activity. This is because blood flow is not well circulated in the whole body which affects other organs to function properly. If not observed, heart attacks or strokes can most likely happen to this kind of work lifestyle.

Unhealthy weight gain

An unhealthy weight gain can result in greater health issues so as to sitting in long periods. Standing closely for three hours a day, in the course of working, would allow the body to burn calories of at least 750-kcal per week. Now, that’s hard work which cancels out the chances of being overweight or obese.

Nurture employee confidence

Another result of long sitting hours is the building of back strains that somehow affects employee’s body posture and results in poor confidence level as they speak about their reports or during client meetings. In the recent scientific study, using the adjustable height desks diminishes the back and neck pain of an individual by 54% in just four weeks.

This great difference causes the organization to be more productive without their office staff accumulating a habit of absenteeism brought by inconvenience and protects them from having major spine issues like scoliosis. Its daily use also exercises the flexibility of muscles of the lower limbs and ankles to not get the odds of bone degeneration.

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